Andrena D. White

(808) 430-6310

REALTOR® Salesperson | RS-79290

Equity One Real Estate, Inc.

Andrena grew up in Southern California and moved to the Big Island after graduating from the University of California at San Diego.  Her adventures in the Hawaiian Islands began when she joined friends on an organic farm in Puna.  She fell in love with the ability to grow food year-round and developed a deep relationship with the land and Tutu Pele. In 1998 Andrena went to Senegal, West Africa where she started an African Imports business and brought beautiful textiles, clothing, baskets, and jewelry back to her African dance and drum community in Hawaii.

While living on the Big Island Andrena lived off-grid using alternative solar power, an inverter, and a rain catchment system which instilled a rich knowledge of sustainability and "green" living practices.  During that time, Andrena also attended home births as a Doula and aspiring Midwife.  After starting her Real Estate career in 2016, Andrena became known as the Midwife Realtor because she imparted that same care and nurturing spirit to her real estate clientele. 

After 24 years of beautiful living on the Big Island  Andrena and her family made the move to Maui in 2018, after surviving the impact of the lava flows on the Big Island.  Here she continues in the role of the Midwife Realtor who understands the similarity of services, coming to her clients with the understanding that buying and selling a home can be extremely emotional.   With that said, Andrena is here to hold your hand every step of the way to ensure you have the best possible outcome.   

When Andrena’s not working, she loves dancing, gardening, and crafting.  Happy to be here in Maui where the blessings are endless, Andrena would love to help you manifest your dreams of owning a property in Maui. Give her a call to talk story.